Parent Portal

As part of an exciting development at Hastings Secondary College, Westport Campus, we have introduced  a system which will allow you to access important information regarding your child(ren). 

The system is known as the Parent and Student Portal.

Access through the portal will allow important up-to-date information about the school and your child(ren).  This will include attendance details, timetables and school reports.  Further details regarding the full range of the features will be addressed in our campus newsletters.

The portal allows secure access by parents to data relating only to their child(ren) and data of a whole Westport Campus nature.

Registering for Parent Portal

Follow these steps to enable portal access for your family:

1.  If you have not created and account you need to register. Just click the register button below and complete the information required (you must have a email address).

2.  Once the account has been created you will be prompted to enter your username (email address) and password created.

3.  Once registered, details of the student(s) linked to the family access key will be available. 

4.  Your access key for the parent and student portal has been sent to you via letter and contains a 10 character alphanumeric code which is unique to your family.

5.  Please note that the access key is case sensitive.

Log in

If you are already registered click the Parent Portal button below.

Download the App

The new parent portal and app empowers parents; keeps you fully updated and helps you manage and control everything related to your child’s education. Download the App to your mobile phone.

  • Better Informed - Receive push notifications about everything that’s important for your child
  • Information at your fingertips - Information that’s most relevant and needs your attention appears clearly on your mobile device
  • Communicate easily - With our instant messaging feature, have conversations with the school staff and get the feedback you want.
  • Track homework - Know exactly what your child needs to complete at home.
  • Permit instantly - No more notices to sign or papers given to your child for carrying back. Approve instantly on your parent app.


As we progress through this initiative, Parent Portal will become more and more significant in your day to day management of your child's education at our campus.

Should you experience difficulties please do not heistate to contact us for assistance on Ph: 6583 6400 or via email

We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you about your experience with our Parent Portal. Any improvements and feedback is gratefully received with a view to adding further functionality and improvement.