Year 7 Contact Information

Year Advisor

Apart from absenteeism, most enquiries should be directed to your child’s Year Advisor. The Year Advisor acts as a liaison between the school and home. You should contact the Year Advisor about:

  • Extended Absences
  • Your child’s wellbeing
  • Any issues that may affect your child’s performance in class
  • Social issues or concerns
  • Referrals to other specialists in the school (such as the counsellor, Head Teacher Wellbeing or Chaplain)
  • Financial difficulties

Head Teacher Wellbeing

In most cases, the Year Advisor should be your first port of call. However, if your child requires specific support in class because of an existing diagnosis, then the Head Teacher Wellbeing will aim to put supports in place for your child. Contact the Head Teacher Wellbeing to:

  • Seek specialist literacy and numeracy support for your child
  • Organise special provisions regarding classwork and assessment tasks
  • Connect with out of school support agencies
  • Assist in the development of individual learning plans for your child

Deputy Principal

The Deputy Principal is responsible for managing the discipline and welfare of all students. At times it may be necessary to contact the Deputy Principal regarding some breaches of the student responsibility system.


If for whatever reason your child is absent from school you are required to provide an explanation for this. There are a number of ways you can do this

  • Write a note to account for the absence. Your child may take this to the front office for processing
  • Call the office staff on (02) 65836400 and inform them of the absence
  • Use the Parent Portal to record your child’s absence
  • Use the Skoolbag app to record your child’s absence

If your child is away for an extended period of time please alert the front office staff and also your child’s Year Advisor so work can be collected for your child to complete in their absence.

Contact Numbers

Hastings Secondary College Westport Campus phone number: (02) 65836400

Year 7 Advisor—Jake Orman


Head Teacher Wellbeing (Relieving) - Renee Ferrett


Deputy Principal—Duncan Kirkland


Principal-Ian Ross


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